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Mighty rich and tasty little granules containing a well rounded flavor to enhance your dining experiences:

Sea salt, Lemon Peel, Black Pepper, Garlic and Onion powder.


*And tasty “next-day” Chicken Salad. This is a two-fer-one...cook once and enjoy two distinctly different and delicious ways.

Be sure to make enough chicken it have leftovers for your salad. This is a great salad for sandwiches, with crackers to serve at a party or as picnic fare. Make a lettuce wrap or serve on a bed of lettuce or arugula and tomatoes as a low-carb meal.

Preheat oven to 325 or turn on your BBQ to equivalent or medium-low setting. I like to cut my chicken in half lengthwise, or have your friendly neighborhood butcher do the cutting for you. Make a marinade (in a jar to shake or in a bowl to whisk) of either 1.2 cup white wine, lemon juice, or 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/3 cup olive oil. Add one heaping TBSP each of Barbara J’s Organic Lemon Pepper and also Barbara J’s Herbs De Provence Blend as well. Lift the skin on the chicken and stuff the thick marinade in between the meat and skin. Put a bit on top of the skin and bake the chicken on a baking sheet for about 1 hour and 15 minutes (it will cook faster on the BBQ so watch and turn accordingly). Set some chicken aside for next-day salad and eat the hot stuff tonight!

When you’re ready to make the salad, start with the dressing.

I use the same jar I used for the marinade, unless there’s about a cup of mayo in my mayo jar in which case, I use that. If not, then add 1 cup low fat mayo to the juice of three lemons. You can sub 1/4 cup of either apple cider, rice, or wine vinegar for the lemon if you prefer. Add to it 1 TBSP each of Barbara J’s Lemon Pepper and Herbs de Provence. Shake well.

Chop celery, I like a lot!...It’s so fresh and crunchy. Cut in half a bunch of red and/or green grapes and finely chop a sweet red onion. Sometimes I add chopped pecans or walnuts if they’re on hand for a tasty crunch. Cube your cooled leftover chicken from the recipe above and toss everything into a big bowl and I hope you enjoy!